Choosing a Lawyer

It's an important decision and it should be made with care.

We are advisors outside the courtroom:

Successful legal advice means analyzing situations as they come up and solving problems before they get out of control. We want you to have the best understanding possible of your rights and obligations when making legal decisions; we want to get prompt results without litigation, when possible.

We are advocates in the courtroom:

Sometimes litigation becomes necessary. If it does, we have one goal: getting the best possible outcome for you. We are dedicated to the relentless pursuit of your rights in or out of court. We are licensed in federal and state courts.

We are certified specialists in our fields:

Four of the firm lawyers are certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization in their particular area of law. The Board recognizes lawyers who have attained specified levels of experience, training and knowledge by awarding them certificates of special competency. Lawyers in Texas are not required to go the extra mile of becoming specialists in their fields. But our lawyers do. All partners are specialists in their fields. This is not just a label. It means these lawyers have tried enough cases, and have met the demanding requirements of the Texas Board of Specialization.

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